Fjordblink ® Medical’s mission is to promote pain relieving water birth by manufacturing and market birth pools that meet the highest requirements for hygiene, comfort, and ergonomics.

It is well established that warm water has a soothing and pain relieving effect. In collaboration with leading midwives at Danish hospitals, Fjordblink® Medical has developed a unique birth pool for pain relieving water birth.

Fjordblink ® Medical’s product concept combines maximum comfort and safety for women in labor with professional requirements for functionality, ergonomics, and hygiene. Fjordblink ® Medical birth pools are therefore developed as a medical device and the company FJORDBLINK® Medical ApS is certified according to DS/EN ISO 13485.

During two decades, Fjordblink ® Medical’s product concept has been used successfully in numerous countries, and through ongoing contact with professionals, Fjordblink ® Medical continuously improves modern birth pool technology.

Our Passion – Your Security

Our heart tells us only to produce and sell high quality products. Therefore, the company is certified according to DS / EN ISO: 13485 medical devices.

FJORDBLINK® Medical, Selecting Vendors
FJORDBLINK® Medical select Vendors based on quality, reputation, price, delivery, service and business practice. We rely on Vendors to provide quality products and service for the company and its customers. It is critical that our Vendors share our commitment to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

When selecting a vendor or dealing with a potential supplier, we must:

  • Engage in fair and open competition
  • Ensure that suppliers are reputable and qualified
  • Ensure the engagement of a vendor does not create an actual or apparent conflict of interest
  • Evaluate and approve suppliers before any materials, components, products or services are purchased from them in accordance with company policy.

From desire and idea to finished workplace

FJORDBLINK Medical would like to participate from the beginning of a project, when a maternity ward or birthing clinic must be either renovated or built from new.
It is our experience that technical knowledge of the products’ functionality and flexibility often creates the solutions that are most optimal in relation to both the working environment and user-friendliness.
Here is an example of how product knowledge can create good working conditions in both the temporary situation and the stationary and long-term solution:

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